Chapter 7

App Dependability Features

What level of security is needed?

There is always more than can be done when it comes to security. Ideally, you find a sweet spot between usability and social responsibility. You don’t want your system to be so secure that it’s impossible to use. At the same time, you do not want to compromise the integrity of the system to merely increase signup speed.

If you’re looking for a great example of heightened security, explore 1Password. Not only are they taking robust security measures, they’re doing the harder work of educating users. People are one of the greatest points of vulnerability when it comes to providing security.

Are you handling sensitive personal information?

If you are handling any of the above pieces of information, you should strongly reevaluate your answer to the previous question about security. Storing sensitive user information makes your software vulnerable to data breaches. Each year, millions of users’ information is compromised due to an imbalance in the value of information they collect and their focus on protecting it.

What are your expectations on app performance?

Each year, new technology is being released that increases the speed at which the world stays connected. Ultimately, where your app measures up depends largely on the level of time and energy you want to invest in performance.