Pricing & Services

Clear pricing to help you budget for the journey ahead.

starting rate

Houses aren't built without a blueprint. Our planning phase produces a blueprint for your app.

Plan your app
for 10 days

Once we have a clear picture of what's being built, we get the work done. Our developers work in sprints to get things down fast and efficiently. Not everything can be built in 10 days but we make sure to build the right things.

build your app
starting rate

Once the product is built, getting it into orbit is another challenge. We make it a smooth ride.

launch your app

Launch your idea in
10 days for $10k

Tenrocket made this process easier than I could've imagined. After answering a few basic questions TenRocket connected me with a developer who's skill-set matched exactly what was needed to build the mvp, all in 24 hours.

Alex Latraverse
Founder of InsideIT

I had two big fears about building my MVP. 1) That I would hire the wrong developer, and 2) That I wouldn’t be able to build a strong enough product with a limited budget.
Tenrocket nailed both of these.

Deacon Bradley
Founder of AutoBox

I had signed up for all the online coding schools and tried to learn to code for about a week. Then I realized that I'd be more effective if I focus on my strengths and have someone help me where I'm weak. I heard the guys from Ten Rocket pitch their company at an Atlanta Tech Village event so I reached out to them. They helped me to get the app out of my head and finally into my phone.

Stephen Beehler
Founder of Role Call

The level of creativity and technical competency found within this team gave me the confidence that no matter the challenge, we would overcome it in a modern, user-focused way. If given the opportunity, I would work with this team again in a heartbeat.

Derek Jamieson
Product Lead at Naranga

We had no expertise about any of this. They did a pretty good job of communicating the technical knowledge into lay terms. I felt like they’ve been a real partner for us in developing this. They took our ideas and ran with them. I don’t feel like it’s just their idea or our idea—it was definitely a team effort.

Jennifer Downs
CoFounder of Aggregate Law

Software development is not a comodity. A thoughtful partner who cares about helping you maximize you resources is huge.

Morgan J Lopes
CoFounder of Polar Notion

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a big idea. How can you possibly build it in 10 days?

Our job is to get you focused on an initial 10 day project that solves your core problem. When Facebook launched, it didn’t have events, messaging, or groups. Even if your app takes 6 months to build, we’ll start with the first 10 days.

What should I expect in terms of design and functionality after 10 days?

We provide a 1 week cushion after the 10 days is up to make sure all bugs are fixed and the app is working to your liking. If you don’t have your own design, we give our developers beautiful themes and user interface elements to make your app shine.

How are you able to do this for $10k when agencies charge $25k or more?

In short, it comes down to focus. We don’t have project managers, designers, or account managers. We don’t invest heavily in marketing or sales. In the end, we connect you with one amazing developer who knows startups and understands the importance of removing fluff whenever possible. The truth is, you don’t need custom design right now. You need to launch as quickly and affordably as possible.

Can you tell me a little about your developers?

Our developers are uniquely equipped to work on your project. Our invite-only developer network utilizes a three-step process that goes well beyond having an amazing portfolio. We vet every single developer for communication, passion, and an eye for design.

After the 10 days is up, who will be there to fix bugs and add features?

The developer who works on your 10 day project will also be there to fix bugs and add features as you grow. Developers join our network specifically for these long term relationships. In case something were to happen - say your developer took a full time job - you can reach out to us at any time and we’ll introduce you to a new amazing developer in our network.

Will you sign my NDA?

Unfortunately no. Though you'll be protected under our NDA. Check it out here. We got your back.