Web App Prelaunch Checklist

The following items ensure that your web app is ready for the world. From installing analytics to making sure it's bug free, you have everything you need to launch with confidence.

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(Check all that apply)

Open graph tags help search engines understand your site.

Social Share Images has various sizes and display when users share your content.

The favicon is the icon that appears in taps on web browsers.

SSL certificates let's users know they're secure.

Simple and clear urls make sharing easy and aid in security.

Used for tracking visitor activity and site performance.

Tools like Optimizely help A/B static pages.

Drift or some other conversational marketing service keeps user support close.

Webmaster Tools allow you to track site searches and content rankings across google.

Mobile compatability is part of a modern, accessible web experience.

Chrome, Safari, and Firefox are among the most popular web browsers.

Desktop, Ipad, Iphone, Pixel, Samsung Galaxy are among the most popular devices.

Compressing images will increase site performance without costing quality.

Semantic HTML involves promotes accessibility and SEO best practices. In short, are you using HTML tags appropriately.

Scraping your own app with something like Screaming Frog will find all your active links.

Contact forms are often 'stubbed' during development. Test to make sure it's ready.

Product Hunt is home to all new tech. Their tool 'Ship' allows you to schedule your debut.

Review for content and grammar, and make sure any/all 'lorem ipsum' has been removed.

A 'Terms of Use' should be included, especially on user signup.

Try using an incognito window to sign out and access restricted portions of the site.

Pagespeed will allow you to see how the system is performing.

Database backups should be performed often to limit future downtime or lost data.

The source code (combinded with the database) is the lifeblood of an app. Make sure the code is preserved properly.

While it takes minutes to setup, it can take days to propogate across the internet. Plan ahead.

Error tracking tools will be the first to notify you when users are experiencing issues.

Development and tests keys shoulds be swapped for Live, production keys.

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