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Our free resources align with our mission to help more first-time, nontechnical founders launch their business. Browse our checklists, guides, and workshops.

App Feature Guidebook

A Digital Guide

On the path to building technology, there are hundreds of choices. We provide a comprehensive list of the top 100 questions you should be considering.

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App Feature Workbook

A Physical Workbook

A physical checklist from our App Feature Guidebook which includes the top 100 questions you should be considering before building an app.

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How Much Do Apps Cost?

There isn't one right answer, but it generally maps back to complexity. Read more about what goes into app pricing.

App Pricing Guide

Web App Prelaunch Checklist

Review before Launch

The following items ensure that your web app is ready for the world. From installing analytics to making sure it's bug free, you have everything you need to launch with confidence.

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Custom Education Checklist

10 Questions to Find your Fit

Have a great idea for an app? Tell us a bit more about yourself and we’ll put together a curated list of resources for you. Or feel free to skip straight to our Startup Tools page.

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'Before You Build' Checklist

10 Questions before investing in software contruction

Rather than navigating the guide or thumbing through phyiscal paper, our step-by-step guide will ask you the right questions in the right order and deliver simplified results.

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Premium Resources

When you need more focused instruction or facilitation, our premium resources provide clarity and direction that's specific to your organization.


"One-on-one training to prepare to build, launch, or improve your product."

Once qualified, we assess your current effort and plan a course for your journey ahead.

Book Intro


We host events to sharpen the startup community and help founders increase their network.

Startup Picture Day

"Free, quality headshots for startups and entreprenuers"

Perfect for non technical founders looking to broaden their understanding of tech capabilities.


Resources for non technical
and first time founders

I'm ready to build!

Already know what you need and want to start building? We have a simple checklist to make sure you have everything you need.

Build Your MVP

I'm ready to learn!

Are you ready to learn more about building software? Take our 10 question quiz and we'll customize a plan for you.

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