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We realize there is a lot to digest, but we're here to break it down into small, achievable steps. Whether you are managing an existing app, are planning to build, or just toying with an idea, we help you launch your early stage idea.
For years we have been helping first time founders and non technical founders. We built hundreds of apps and would love to help you.

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The goal quick, scrappy iterations on the core idea. Before a fully engineered solution, you need to guage interest. We can help with that.

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Web Apps

It's hard to draw a line between a website and web application. We help with the decision making process to ensure you have the right tool for the job.

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Mobile Apps

There is a lot of noise in the industry around building mobile apps. We cut through the clutter and make sure the software you want to build provides value to your ideal customer.

Building a great app
doesn't have to be frustrating

The level of creativity and technical competency found within this team gave me the confidence that no matter the challenge, we would overcome it in a modern, user-focused way. If given the opportunity, I would work with this team again in a heartbeat.

Derek Jamieson
Product Lead at Naranga

Working together continues to be a delight. Thanks for trusting us with your continuous flood of ideas. ;)

Heman Patel
3 Time Tenrocket Customer

We had no expertise about any of this. They did a pretty good job of communicating the technical knowledge into lay terms. I felt like they’ve been a real partner for us in developing this. They took our ideas and ran with them. I don’t feel like it’s just their idea or our idea—it was definitely a team effort.
Testimonial jennifer downs

Jennifer Downs
CoFounder of Aggregate Law

Tenrocket made this process easier than I could've imagined. After answering a few basic questions TenRocket connected me with a developer who's skill-set matched exactly what was needed to build the mvp, all in 24 hours.
Testimonial alex latraverse

Alex Latraverse
Founder of InsideIT

I had signed up for all the online coding schools and tried to learn to code for about a week. Then I realized that I'd be more effective if I focus on my strengths and have someone help me where I'm weak. I heard the guys from Ten Rocket pitch their company at an Atlanta Tech Village event so I reached out to them. They helped me to get the app out of my head and finally into my phone.
Testimonial stephen beehler

Stephen Beehler
Founder of Role Call

I had two big fears about building my MVP. 1) That I would hire the wrong developer, and 2) That I wouldn’t be able to build a strong enough product with a limited budget. Tenrocket nailed both of these.
Testimonial deacon bradley

Deacon Bradley
Founder of AutoBox

A Proven Process

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There is an unknowable amount of information online. Rather than being overwhelmed, we work to cover the basics (and enough advanced level stuff too) to make sure you can move forward with confidence.

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Great software begins with solid planning. Much like great planning can't fix bad ideas, great ideas fall short without thoughtful planning.

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Writing great code is just the beginning. We champion an iterative process for engineering software what minimizes frustrations and helps you bounce back from pitfalls.

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Planning and building a great product is just the beginning. A successful launch strategy can help your idea gain massive attention and traction.

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