Your dream is out there. Make it real in 10 days.

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You Have an Idea.
We exist to Make It Real.

We are redefining the app development experience for entrepreneurs who have a great idea, but need a technology partner to help bring it to life. We allow you to handpick a proven developer who can share your vision, collaborate on the work, and support you through launch and beyond.

We don't expect you to be a Rocket Scientist

In four simple phases, we removed the barriers that stand between you and launching your idea. We’ll focus on the details so you can guide the big picture.

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Bring your vision

Come prepared to show and tell - we want to know as much about your app as you do.

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Pick your developer

Choose a developer who believes in your idea and can be a vested partner for the life of your project.

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Collaborate, influence, and own your app

Work along side your developer to bring your application to life, and out into the real world.

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Launch, celebrate and keep going strong

Launching is just the first step, promote and get it in front of potential users.

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Only the best developers

Our developers are a rare breed. That’s why we call them unicorns. Here’s just a taste of what makes them so special:

  • Eye for design
  • Responsive and Friendly
  • Passion for startups
  • Fast and Efficient

What Our Developers Can Build

The absolute fastest tools to bring your idea to life.

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Responsive Web
Ruby on Rails

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iOS + Android
Ionic Framework

Our Developers are true technology partners and collaborators

They may not be “real” unicorns, but they do exceptional work (including Meet three recent success stories.

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I had two big fears about building my MVP. 1) That I would hire the wrong developer, and 2) That I wouldn’t be able to build a strong enough product with a limited budget. TenRocket nailed both of these. TenRocket found an amazing full stack developer for my project needs. The MVP was so great and so fast I got my first paying customer the same day it was finished! And I liked the developer so much I hired him to build more awesomeness. In two weeks with Ten Rocket I had a developer I trusted and an MVP good enough to land my first paying customer.
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Deacon Bradley,

I had signed up for all the online coding schools and tried to learn to code for about a week. Then I realized that I'd be more effective if I focus on my strengths and have someone help me where I'm weak. I heard the guys from Ten Rocket pitch their company at an Atlanta Tech Village event so I reached out to them. They helped me to get the app out of my head and finally into my phone.
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Testimony insideit 1199ffccb551daf7395265d9718c4b024a8141690a8e7eb26ab18581d6df73fb
TenRocket made this process easier than I could've imagined. After answering a few basic questions TenRocket connected me with a developer who's skill-set matched exactly what was needed to build the mvp, all in 24 hours.
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Alex Latraverse,
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We actually do what we say.
or your money back, plus 10%

We offer a 110% money-back guarantee on all projects.
Just like you, we're obsessed with making your app awesome.
If you're not happy, we're not happy.

It's time for Lift Off.

Whether you’re ready to launch or just need some short term help, we’ll meet you where you are, so you can get started today.

Step 1

Zero to Launch in 10 Days for 10k

  • Your app launches in 10 business days (not including Q/A)
  • Clean, compliant, and scalable code
  • Handpicked developer for each project
  • Unlimited support by Tenrocket and your developer
  • Risk free with 110% money-back guarantee

Post Launch

Ongoing Service By Your Unicorn

  • Flexibility to shape the vision for your app over time
  • Perfect for maintenance or short term projects
  • Work along side your handpicked developer