Chapter 6

Content Features

Is there a content management system?

Content Management Systems can be a great way to allow less technical users to keep information fresh around the site. We recommend a strong value vs cost assessment before putting in the effort.

Content Management Systems are a great place to search for integrations to accomplish the same functionality. Building content management capabilities into an early stage product can consume undue time and money.

Does the system use images?

Images can be as simple as profile photos for users or as robust as a photo library like Unsplash. It’s important to understand that processing images can incur expenses that far exceed the costs of implementation.

Image uploading

As long as file size is manageable, image uploading is often straight forward. An important step is determining where those images will live. Amazon’s S3 is a fast, reliable storage service with incredible pricing.

Image editing

Once images are uploaded, can they be manipulated as part of the app interface? This could be basic cropping or as complex as more photoshop-like features.

Imgix is a powerful tool for editing images real time within an application. Costs could quickly climb, but the valuable features could easily be worth it.

Does the system use video?

YouTube is one of the most popular video platforms of all times. Bandwidth and file size are massive considerations with video content.

Video uploading

Given the time it can take to upload videos, complexity can climb quickly in creating a seamless video upload experience.

Video editing

Once uploaded, are can video content be edited in app? Speaking pointedly, this functionality can quickly mushroom in complexity.

Video streaming

Creating a quality streaming service requires a multifaceted approach. Nowadays, internet service providers are becoming choke points for video streaming. This can create business-level complexity that’s separate from the software.

Wistia is a great video hosting platform that can simplify storage costs and streamline the process of quality video viewing.

Does it use audio?

Much like video and image, audio involves higher processing power and increased bandwidth. Though less ‘heavy’ than video uploads, audio files can be quite sizable.

Rather than repeating the summary, the uploading, editing, recording, and streaming of audio is similar to that of video and doesn’t justify repeating.

Is there search functionality?

Implementing search functionality can be as simple as ‘word lookup’ or as complex as Google’s querying algorithm. When planning out search features, it’s important to consider the value your optimizing for.

Services like Algolia or SearchSpring can provide powerful search capabilities. Over time however, open source solutions like Elasticsearch may be a better alternative.

Is there sorting and filtering?

Much like search, sorting and filtering can seem like an iceberg. Though seemingly simple, the depths of complexity can be staggering. The complexity of sorting and filtering can often snowball exponentially.

Does the app allow file sharing?

Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and Box are among the largest examples of file sharing. File sharing technologies have only grown in importance. Today, we see them being used for data backups and exchanging information. In essence, it’s a combination of image, video, and audio features combined.

Does the app allow data importing?

The ability to import via excel or csv is largely an expectation in many B2B products. It can be a great way to quickly onboard new customers.

Does the app allow data exporting?

When users put high value information into a product, they expect to be able to remove their data with little notice. Exporting data is a great way to compliment other services or increase a users trust. Users are more likely to invest in your product if it doesn’t feel like their contribution will siloed within your system.

In many cases, laws are being passed to at least give users access to the data you have collected on them personally.