Team work makes the dream work.

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We get projects of all sizes. Freelancers work great for 1-3 sprints, but we have an agency network to help with the heavy lifting.

Think of us like your sales team. We qualify and scope the project, then hand it to you.

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It's hard to ride the 'work wave'. When you're out selling, you aren't billable. When you working, you're not prospecting new projects.

We qualify and scope the projects, then handle project management so you do the work you love.

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Tenrocket made this process easier than I could've imagined. After answering a few basic questions TenRocket connected me with a developer who's skill-set matched exactly what was needed to build the mvp, all in 24 hours.

Alex Latraverse
Founder of InsideIT

I had signed up for all the online coding schools and tried to learn to code for about a week. Then I realized that I'd be more effective if I focus on my strengths and have someone help me where I'm weak. I heard the guys from Ten Rocket pitch their company at an Atlanta Tech Village event so I reached out to them. They helped me to get the app out of my head and finally into my phone.

Stephen Beehler
Founder of Role Call

I had two big fears about building my MVP. 1) That I would hire the wrong developer, and 2) That I wouldn’t be able to build a strong enough product with a limited budget.
Tenrocket nailed both of these.

Deacon Bradley
Founder of AutoBox


Example: Ruby on Rails, React Native, Wordpress, etc...